Mark Vang - Looking for work in Virginia Beach, Virginia


  • Computers: Information Technology (Linux/Windows)
  • Driving Record: +5 VA Safe Driving Points


  • Computers - Linux preferred. I've been self-training to learn about Cloud Computing.
    • I have expert (admin) level knowledge of Google for Work (G-Suite) including all Google Apps.
  • Driving - I drove a semi for 7 years and have an excellent driving record. 
  • Call center or retail sales. My last two jobs were call center support roles and my experience is that companies don't care about providing proper training to support staff, it's all about quotas. In a support role I prefer to provide personalized, full-cycle support to clients.

BEST DECISION EVER: A few years back I switched to Linux as my primary operating system. Linux skills I developed working on my local network opened up the world of cloud computing making it possible to create scalable solutions for image management and data migration projects.

CHALLENGE DRIVEN: My most challenging project required uploading and processing a photography archive of over 410,000 images. This ongoing project creates opportunities to develop my knowledge of Linux while I continue to develop my skills and knowledge of cloud services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

SOLUTIONS DRIVEN BY DETAIL: As a small business entrepreneur I am used to operating on a shoestring budget and am adept at developing unique workflow solutions by integrating common SaaS apps such as Asana, Harvest, Slack and Google for Work (Google Apps). 

KEY SKILLS: Linux, Amazon Web Service (S3/EC2), Google Cloud Platform, Google Compute Engine, Drupal 7, Asana, Harvest, Google for Work (Google Apps)